Best. Phone options. Ever.

Here’s some back-to-school humor for the educators out there.

In 2008-2009 school year, Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia, implemented a policy requiring both students and their parents to be responsible for the students absences and missing assignments.   Of course, by March of 2009 the school was being sued by several parents demanding that their child’s failing grades be changed to passing grades even though their child had double-digit, unexcused absences over the semester and did not complete the minimum amount of homework required to pass the class.   After a unanimous vote, the staff of Maroochydore decided to address parents complaints via the school’s telephone answering machine with the following message…

* And FYI, the story above is completely false (thanks Snopes), but from what I hear from my wife (who teaches Middle School mathematics), completely and utterly believable.

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