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Getting to know you

This semester, one of the first assignments I had my students do was something called “Getting to know you,” in which they submitted podcasts (made with Jing, which is an awesome program if you haven’t already heard about it) that … Continue reading

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Calculus haiku: continuity

The formal definition of the continuity of a function f at a value a is that (1) the value f(a) be defined, (2) the function f has a limit as x approaches a, and (3) that these two values are … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month forty-two

Dear Ladybug, On Saturday you turned forty-two months old, which is a grand, ultimate age to be.   We decided to celebrate this infinitely improbable event with SCIENCE!, and spent Sunday afternoon launching foam rocket ships powered by Mentos and … Continue reading

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Calculus haiku: limit

Inspired by yesterday’s Link o’the Week and my rereading of George Gheverghese Joseph’s The Crest of the Peacock (and, in particular, the Vedic Hindu tradition of mathematical sultras) I’ve been inspired to create haiku based on the calculus topics.   … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a link of the week, but there’s been a couple that I’ve added to my bookmarks that ought to work there way here, both exploring the theme of simplicity of design. Dissertation Haiku … Continue reading

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