Friday quickies

I just got the “Unit Circle” clock I ordered at MathFest in the mail.   It’s pretty sweet, in that it displays time using a positive rotation from the polar axis (that is, the hands rotate counterclockwise, with “high noon” along the polar (horizontal) axis).

It now hangs above my office door along side the clock that gives Mountain Time.   Check it out.

By the way, there’s an easy way to convert from Unit Circle Time to Mountain Time — do you see how?

In the campus bookstore:

Student A: Did you sign up for the flu shot for the Butt Flu?

Student B: Butt flu?

Student A: Yeah, you know, swine flu.   I call it Butt Flu, though.

Student B: Butt flu?

Student A: Yeah, because all these fliers call it the “Heinie Virus.”

Student B: No they don’t.

Student A: Yeah they do.   Look: H-I-N-I.   Heinie.

Student B: Dude, thoses are 1‘s, not i‘s.

Speaking of students, in honor of a new academic year, it’s time for the annual College Mindset List for the Class of 2013.

My faculty inbox is always full at the start of an academic year, with emails from students already panicking about their grades to colleagues announcing new colloquia and committee meetings.   I also get a lot of campus-wide emails detailing new campus construction, timelines for registration and parking, and so forth.   So it’s not a big surprise that I got a campus-wide email inviting me to meet new faculty that began

Hello, all, and welcome back!

I was rather more surprised when one of my more… ahem… eccentric professors on the campus, Professor Oh-Boy, almost immediately fired back a campus-wide email with the reply

My name is not "all."

"All" is a philosophical universal quantifier and we have as yet to accede to such importance.

Surely you mean "Hello, everybody" or "Hello, anyone."

Additionally, the misnamed "Replay to ALL" button is rightfully a "reply to everybody" button.

On a not entirely unrelated matter, Professor Oh-Boy is on now my Junk Mail list.

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