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Eureka, my ass

Here is a paper from the Autumn 1997 issue peer-reviewed journal Population Trends by J. Haskey: Spouses with identical residential addresses before marriage an indicator of pre-marital cohabitation In case the title is too obscure, the abstract offers this helpful … Continue reading

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Office hours

I usually prompt my students with the question “Is your trig sense tingling?” whenever I want them to anticipate the use of some important trigonometric identity. Unfortunately, this morning I tripped up and asked only “Is your trig tingling?” Almost … Continue reading

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Irrational exhuberance

I was mucking about some paperwork I need for my upcoming tenure application and stumbled across some real analysis lecture notes, and in it one of my two most favorite irrationality proofs.*   Coincidentally enough, both involve  . * Then … Continue reading

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Tonight the family went to eat at Shooters, a local sports bar and steakhouse.   During our meal, a quartet of noisy men descended upon the table across from us.   After ordering their drinks, they demanded that waitress tune … Continue reading

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