On Sunday, I broke my left pinky toe accidentally slamming it into a corner.

On Monday, I came down with the flu and lost my voice.

On Tuesday, I fell down a flight of stairs on my way to proctor an exam.

At this rate, I may not live to see the weekend.

Q: How do I know I’m giving exams this week?

A: I’ve been getting emails and phone messages from students that never show up to class at all who are angry at my unwillingness to schedule a suite of office hours especially for them immediately prior to the exam to “catch up on what they might have missed.”

Perhaps I’m just grumbly from the irritating students, my throbbing and purple toe, by pounding headache, raspy throat, and swollen vertebrae, but when the hell did The Learning Channel become a twenty-four-hour-a-day celebration of excessive breeding?’

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