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A reason to give thanks?

Sitting down to the traditional Komplexify Family Thanksgiving dinner of barbecue ribs… Ladybug: Dad, can I have a knife? Me: No.   You’re still a little kid.   You don’t need a sharp knife. Ladybug: But you have a knife. … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month forty-four

Dear Ladybug, On Thursday you turned technically only forty-four months old, but for all intents and purposes, you became a teenager. For example, you’ve started collecting boyfriends.   I already mentioned Matthew, the boy from New Jersey you met in … Continue reading

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According to the Queen B, who looked this up the American Music Award show she was watching, Jermaine Jackson’s kids are named Junior, Jaimy, Jeremy, Jourdyn, Jaffar, Jermajesty, and Jerfrickingkiddingmeright?

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One of my favorite counterexamples

Differentiability in two variables is one of those especially challenging concepts in Multivariable Calculus.   Its definition is a challenge even for seasoned mathematicians, much less your typical undergraduate student (this will in fact be the subject of an upcoming … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Disney Channel

I’m ever more under the impression that everything one needs to know about the Universe can be found by watching Phineas and Ferb.   In addition to its central theme of Carpe Diem! and strict adherence to safe engineering principles, … Continue reading

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