Wisdom from the Disney Channel

I’m ever more under the impression that everything one needs to know about the Universe can be found by watching Phineas and Ferb.   In addition to its central theme of Carpe Diem! and strict adherence to safe engineering principles, one finds geek gems like this one from the episode The Baljeatles:

Phineas: Gosh, Baljeet.   Rock and roll isn’t about books.   It’s about letting go and having fun.   Rock and roll is a way for you to tell the world how you feel.

Baljeet: Feel about what?

Phineas: Expressing yourself.   I mean, what do you do when you’re angry?

Baljeet: Math.

Phineas: …Okay.   What about when you’re sad?

Baljeet: Math.

Phineas: Happy?

Baljeet: Ma-ath!

Phineas: So every feeling you have makes you want to do math?

Baljeet: I do not know if it is some much cause-and-effect.   I do a lot of math.   The feelings come and go.

or this one from Vanessassary Roughness:

Vanessa: So I have to find some way to prove to you that I’m responsible.   There must be an easier way to earn a car.

Heinz: Well, you know what they say about taking the easy way.

Vanessa: (Exasperated) What do they say?

Heinz: Well I could tell you, but that would be taking the easy way, and you know what they say about that.

Saturday mornings are fun again.

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