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You like me! You really like me!

Hooray! I just found out today that A lengthy and technical paper relating the high-order jet-determinacy of a degenerate hypersurface in to its being generically spherical has, after three years of edits and re-edits, has finally been accepted for publication. … Continue reading

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Calculus haiku: product rule

One of the two essential “high-powered” differentiation rules is Leibniz’s Product Rule, which expressed the derivative of a product of functions as follows: which may be expressed in haiku as One aspect of this haiku that is, if not profound … Continue reading

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Trick or treat

Seeing as how another Halloween has given up the ghost, perhaps its time for some (ghost) stories it inspired. The Ladybug takes her Halloween costumes seriously.   Last year she agonized for a month between being a Disney Princess or … Continue reading

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