Carmike karma

Despite all the claims that Hollywood glamorizes loose morals and fornication, I can think of no better argument against unsafe sex than any of the trailers for Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Just think about it: engage in the “big wiggle” too carelessly, and you might be forced to sit through it with your offspring.

* Shudder *

Of course, the Ladybug wants to see The Squeakquel, but fortunately she’s amenable to other choices too.   We’ve seen The Princess and the Frog (which was awesome, by the way) and Planet 51 (which was less than awesome, but still okay).

The latter movie begins with a spoof of a fifties-era alien-invasion movie before panning out to reveal that the movie is being shown on an alien world, evidenced in part by the etherized image of a ringed planet hanging in the evening sky.

“That looks like Saturn,” noted the Ladybug.

“Yes,” I agreed.   “Yes it does.”

The Ladybug thought about it a moment more, and piped up again.   “Does that mean that Planet 51 is Jupiter?”

Man, I love my smart kid.

The Queen B and I don’t often get a chance to steal away for date nights, owing to the twin difficulties of (a) procuring a babysitter for the Ladybug and (b) getting all the necessary schoolwork we bring home as teachers each day out of the way.   That’s why school vacations are awesome — we both have the day off, so we can send the Ladybug off to preschool for the day while we enjoy a movie and a meal.

So today we decided to do just that.   We sent the Ladybug off to the kiddie-kastle, while we headed out for a nice lunch, a little post-X-mas window-shopping, and an afternoon showing of Paranormal Activity at the town’s old-timey Elks Theater.   Lunch was delicious, our window shopping tour of Best Buy was edifying (Did you know a Blu-Ray player also plays DVDs, and many can stream movies directly from NetFlix?   Sweet.), and soon it was time to head to the theater to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, when we actually got to the Elks, we found taped across the doorway a small piece of paper, on which in frantic script was scrawled

Today’s movie showings are cancelled,
due to burst/frozen water pipes.


Still, while the Elks is the only old-timey theater in Rapid City, it’s not the only theater at all, so the Queen B and I headed back across town to the Carmike Theater.   A quick glance at the marquee revealed that the only two movies showing within the next half-hour were Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.   Unfortunately, both of these movies ended at 6:25… which was after the Ladybug’s preschool closed.

Drats again!

Still, we had one more theater to try.   We zipped over to the movie theater by the mall, told the gal at the ticket window when we needed to leave, and asked what options were available.   “The good news,” replied the gal in the box office, ” is that we’ve got one movie that starts right now and ends before 6:15.”

“The bad news,” she continued, “is that it’s Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.”

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