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Here's your sign

Overheard 1: I had to go in for oral surgery today.   I was sitting in the chair went the surgeon walked in and decided to be chatty.   “So, what are we doing today?” he asked.   “I said, … Continue reading

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Jesus, save me from your followers

While reading Google News, two articles back-to-back suddenly reminded me of one of my friends from high school — a devout Catholic, by the way — often quipped that “the last true Christian died on the cross.” A few days … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month forty-six

Dear Ladybug, Last week you turned forty-six months old, just two months shy of becoming a four-year-old. Once upon a time you were busily counting down the hours until you turned four, largely because your mother promised you that you … Continue reading

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Give me your tired, your poor

At Burger King today, I witnessed the Statue of Liberty get into a heated argument with Uncle Sam over the culinary merits of brine-fermented cucumbers. For a moment I thought I might be suffering from food-poison-induced hallucinations before I realized … Continue reading

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Uphill, both ways

Hilarious comment overhead between two gamers in the cafeteria: Yeah, well when I was your age, I had to blow on the games to make them work.

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