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Dynamical system

The Ladybug as been a little under the weather the past few days. On Monday she missed her swim class (one of her favorite activities each week), and yesterday she missed school altogether. This morning I went into her room … Continue reading

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Abandon all hope

The math department at Komplexify U is housed in a stately brick building with massive white pillars.   It’s also quite old, and what was once an imposing staircase leading up into it  had, after decades of students stomping up … Continue reading

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Ad naseum (Super Bowl edition)

I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. (I do something similar with Playboy.)   Here are some thoughts I had about them. Why, oh why did Microsoft not by the rights to this year’s Super Bowl?   How … Continue reading

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There’s a restaurant in Rapid City called the Pirate’s Table.   It’s one of those “themed” eateries, wherein the decor, the menus, and the wait staff are all similarly modeled on a common theme.   The Pirate’s Table is based, … Continue reading

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([Word of] or [ Insert foot into ]) and [mouth]

I frequently find advertisements for new and improved calculus textbooks in my mailbox, although when glancing through the inevitable trial copy they send me I invariably never seem to find any of the “new and improved calculus” they promise.   … Continue reading

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