Ladybug greetings

The Ladybug is in full conversation mode, and she’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone, often with amusing results.   Here are two examples from today’s outing:

The Ladybug and I are at Hot Topic, looking for “Perry the Platypus” tee shirts.   A sales gal walks up and starts talking to the Ladybug.   In true Hot Topic form, she’s got green hair, thirty-eye Doc Martins, and enough facial piercings to transmit and receive radio signals.   As they’re talking, the Ladybug point’s to the girl’s day-glo flower-covered  JIMI HENDRIX belt.

“Oh, I like your belt,” says the Ladybug.   “It’s pretty.”

“Thank you,” says the sales gal.

“Is it Hannah Montana?”

The Ladybug and I are at Dairy Queen sharing a Blizzard.   As we eat, a pair of Army soldiers in sand-colored fatigues sits down at the table next to us.   The Ladybug leans over to them and smiles.

“Oh, you guys are all matchy!   That’s so cute.”

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