The Ladybug and I were sitting on a bench at Target, waiting for the Queen B to return some clothes.   Behind the bench was a glass display case, in which were wallpapered various Target advertisements informing incoming patrons as to the various sales to be had.   The Ladybug was studying these fliers when she saw one of them mentioning New Moon, the second in the Twilight movies.

“Dad,” she said excitedly, “Look!   It’s that movie Mommy likes.”

I nodded assent, but not before the lady standing next to the Ladybug, who had also been reading the fliers, responded with “Your mommy likes it too?   Oh, I love this movie!”

“My Mommy does too,” said the Ladybug. “But not me.   It’s a little scary for me.”

“Yes,” the woman agreed, “I guess some of it can be a little scary.   But you’ll love it when you grow up!”

“Come on, honey,” said the man who had been standing next to her, who apparently was her husband, “you don’t need to make a new Twilight recruit.”

“I appreciate that,” I replied back with a laugh.

“I take it you’re not a fan of sparkly vampires,” he said.

“How can you not be?” I asked.   “I mean, what goes together better than Victorian-era monsters and arts-and-crafts glitter projects?”

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