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How do you parametrize stupidity?

I have students submit an electronic homework problem every day in my Calc III class.   Today’s problem was “Find a vector valued function whose graph lies on the curve . About 25 of the 60 responses I got back … Continue reading

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Movie review: Next

The movie Next has been on TV a lot lately.   To say it’s a bit repetitive might be an understatement.   Here’s the movie summarized in pseudo-code. movie NEXT () { set audience-satisfaction = 0; set plot-points-resolved = 0; … Continue reading

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Fundamental theorem, part II

After Calc III, student C pulled me aside. “Dr K,” he said, “I think I finally figured out calculus.   Check this out.” C grabbed a piece of chalk. “At first you think math is all about functions and curves. … Continue reading

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Fundamental theorem

After a lecture introducing the cross product of vectors in , student R countered me thus: “Dr. K, I’m a little worried about this cross product stuff.” “How so?” I asked. “Well, check this out,” R said.   He then … Continue reading

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