I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong

The spirit of blog 0 out of 5 is summed up as follows: even if you have no clue about how to answer a test question, write down something… anything… in the hopes of partial credit.   Here are 0/5 insights that I can give to you, dear student, based on my test grading experience over the years.

If you’re completely at a loss, go for exotic fauna.   Strive for accuracy now!

I think some Extra Credit is in order due to my beautiful giraffe.

Remember, detail counts.

I.d.k., this is a complete shot in the dark.   As an apology, here is a crude drawing of a whale (up there).

Failing that, sci-fi is always another option.

If I had time, I would have found the vector between (1,0,-1) & (0,2,1).   Then I would have found the cross product between that vector and the vector I found in part a.   I would then plug in the point and the cross product of the vectors into


but enjoy my pic & I’m sorry for stabbing you with my pencil.

Once again, detail counts.

Of course, if you can’t draw a cool picture, you can still demonstrate your creativity other ways.   For example, through the written arts:

I’d certainly caution you against endless ranting on an exam.   Not only will you not get points for the problem, but you’ll also piss away any good will the professor might have had for you.

And above all, if you do choose to write something down, for the sake of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, make sure it makes an iota of sense.   I knew a professor who failed a student for turning in the following work on a final exam…

…and then demanding partial credit for the work since he got the answer correct.   Be ye not so foolish.

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