Attention all idiots with babies:

The movie theater is not a daycare center.

That is all.

As you might have guessed, we went to the movies the other day, where we saw the new, Jackie-Chain-infused Karate Kid.   With its emphasis on Chinese culture and locales, should have more appropriately be renamed the Kung Fu Kid, but I digress.   One of the first trailers before the movie started was for The Last Airbender, which despite still being helmed by M. Night Shamadingdong still appears to KICK. ASS.

The Ladybug is similarly excited about the movie, and in fact went so far as to design her own movie poster for it:

In case you’re missing some of the subtle details, the Ladybug offers this explanation:

Speaking of the Karate Kid, which by the way was awesome itself, I just about died watching Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids.

Last Sunday, the Ladybug, Queen B, and I went on the annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch, which I apparently only undertake on even-numbered years.   Its a 10K hike (that’s 6.2 miles for the metric-impaired) that goes up to the face of the ever-incomplete Crazy Horse Monument.   Early on, we passed another family, where I overheard the following:

Brother: Ugh, this is tiring.

Sister: We only just started.   We’re not even a mile in.

Brother: I wish I was a bird, so I could fly to the end.

Sister: With your luck, you’d end up a penguin and still have to walk.

Brother: [Stops]

Brother: You just broke my dream.

On June 3, torrential rain caused a massive, 66-foot-diameter sinkhole to form in the middle of Guatemala City, devouring a 3-story building in the process.   As yet, scientists do not know what caused it, although I have a theory.

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