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I haven’t done an installment of this in a while, and My Firefox Bookmarks tab needs some pruning.

Springfield Punx

There have been lots and lots of guest stars on the Simpsons over the years, immortalized for posterity as a caricature with yellow skin and no chin.   However, if you can’t wait for your favorite celebrity (or movie character or comic character or whatnot) to make it to Matt Groening’s Springfield, there’s always Dean Fraser’s Springfield Punx.   For example, here’s the (eleventh) Doctor and his companions

or the cast of the original Ghostbusters.

Mmmmmmm, potential copyright infringement.

Zero Lives

Speaking of cool art, there’s also Das Chupa’s Zero Lives, which fuses geek culture with fantastic and clever artwork.   For example, bumper stickers meets the NES:

or Star Wars meets Up:

or the Bible meets Avatar (the good one):

The Michael Bayifier

I fucking hate Michael Bay.   The Michael Bayifier shows why.   Just upload any picture, say:

and the Michael Bayifier shows you how Michael Bay would frame the same picture:

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Every episode of it ever made. Both the UK and US versions.

If you were ever looking for a reason for the internet to exist, this is it.

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