Thanksgiving dinner at the Komplexify household…

Ladybug: Before we eat, let’s say what we’re thankful for.   Mom?

Queen B: I’m thankful for my family: my wonderful husband and my two beautiful girls.   I’m thankful for this delicious meal.   And I’m thankful that I have a job and a house during this rough time.   Ladybug, what are you thankful for?

Ladybug: I’m thankful that I still have Halloween candy to eat.

Queen B: And what else?

Ladybug: I think that’s it.

Queen B: No, that’s not it.   What else are you thankful for?   (Motions to all the people sitting at the table with her.)

Ladybug: Oh… I’m thankful for my family.   Especially my little sister, even though she can be a little irritating at times.

Queen B: I’m not sure…

Ladybug: It’s the Butterfly’s turn.   What are you thankful for, Butterfly.

Butterfly: (Looks on, completely oblivious to the conversation.)

Ladybug: Say “sister.”

Butterfly: Dit-der!

Ladybug: That’s enough.   Let’s eat.

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