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T minus T

Every year the Family Channel does its 25 Days of Christmas, during which it counts down the days until X-mas plays movies and shows with an X-mas-y theme.   However, tonight I see that they’re also showing holiday flicks each … Continue reading

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Sometime in the morning: Queen B: I want to make some homemade refried beans tonight, but we’ll need some more Ziploc bags to freeze them for later. Me: Awesome.   I’ve got to go to the store anyway, so I’ll … Continue reading

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I’ve been watching AMC’s new zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead, and I quite like it.   I thought its ninety-minute pilot episode was both frightening and sad, and the following two episodes have been pretty good too (even if … Continue reading

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My entire career as an educator has been invalidated

After ten weeks of Calculus II, one of my students actually submitted this on a quiz: I think I’m going to cry in a corner for a bit.

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And now on a word on nutrition

Is it just me, or does the new L’Oreal Revitalift anti-wrinkle cream look exactly like the super-drug Nuke from RoboCop 2? It would make for an interesting marketing campaign though… just check out the results!

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