I’ve been watching a helluvalotta Doctor Who with the Ladybug, much to the irritation of the Queen B.   This is on account of the complete DVD collection my step-dad more or less purchased for me for Christmas.   (Thanks, Papa Shoo!)

Whilst watching the Series Five premier for the umpteenth time, as it is the Ladybug’s favorite, on account of the Doctor’s clowning around with Amelia Pond.   The Queen B was not amused.

“You’re watching that again?” she asked.

“Can’t help it,” I replied.   “The Bug and I are Doctor Who fans.   We dig the Doctor and the TARDIS and his sonic screwdriver.   You’re a Trekkie.   You understand.”

“Trekker,” she corrected.

“Although,” I added, “in point of fact I’m not sure what you call Doctor Who fans…”

The Queen B thought about that for a moment, and then made a suggestion.

“How about TARDs?”

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