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One problem with Doctor Who is getting used to a new Doctor after you’ve gotten accustomed to the old.

For example, I caught up with the rebooted Who during David Tennant’s run, and while I quite like his Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith’s current Eleventh incarnation, I’ve never really been a big fan of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth iteration. ¬† In any event, ever since Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who, some folks have complained that the titular Time Lord has gone from sci-fi hero to, well, the Cat in the Hat (they even both wear bow ties!).

Illustrator Bill Mudron suggests that this is not necessarily a bad thing:

In point of fact, Mudron argues that the Eleventh Doctor is more akin to a different children’s literary hero:

The Eleventh Doctor is more Peter Pan than anything else, in case all the off-the-cuff remarks about fairytales and not growing up got lost in the bits where an eternally-youthful weirdo shows up to whisk a pajama-clad heroine to a realm where time has no meaning.

A similar take on this popped up on CollegeHumor too:

Tumblogger Quiddy has gone one step further in the comparison, and has rewritten the entire Fifth Series in the style of the above Doctor Suess book.

Oh, the Times and Places You’ll Go!

Geronimo, Pond!
Today is the day.
It’s been fourteen years,
We’re off and away!

I’ve a bow on my neck,
This is my time caboose!
She can take us to any event that you choose!

I’ve been on my own,
And it’s been- well, you know.
So come along, Pond, we’ve got places to go!

We’ll run up and down moons,
Planets if you’d care.
About some I may say, “We can’t interfere there.”

With my bow of a tie and the boots on your feet,
We’re quite the odd pair for a martian to meet!

And we may find some life forms that don’t want to be found.
In that case, of course, we’ll run off with a bound!

(It’s healthier than
Being a Kiss-O-Gram!)

Out here, strange things happen, they frequently do,
To people who travel with me, just like you!

And when things start to happen, don’t wander!
Stay close!
Don’t ask dumb questions!
You could be the next Rose!

Oh, the Times and Places You’ll Go!

You’ll be in World War 2!
You’ll be saving Star Whales!
You’ll be the companion with all the best tales!

You won’t stay behind, because you’re just like me.
You’re running from something, it’s clearly a “he”.

Wherever we fly, we’ll save people and lands!
Whenever we go, we will offer our hands!

Except when we can’t.
Because, sometimes, we can’t.

I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true
that Van Gogh the artist can’t be helped by you

You can get all hung up on the bad things in life.
Your ¬†fiance might die. You’ll forget you’re his wife.

One day you’ll wake up (or dream?) with a baby bump,
While cold stars await your waking with a jump.

And while you’re a planet, you’re not up for much fun.
Not running around is not easily done.

You may come to a place where angels are not good.
Some statues aren’t statues, and to them, you’re food.
A place you could lose both your sane mind and life!
Do you dare to follow? Is River Song my wife?
Will this way bring peace? Or only add strife?

And should you go back, is it for good or not?
Are you getting married? Has this room grown hot?
Let’s take a step back, Pond, you’re acting quite mad!
Let go of me- no, don’t make me feel bad!
I’m near nine-hundred-and-ten, and you’ve got a lad!

I can’t wait for his version of Horton Hears a Doctor Who.

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