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News of my Rapturing has been greatly exaggerated

(Template here, from the Daily What.)

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Reboot blues

A post wherein I discuss a kick-ass chick called Korra and provide a long overdue review of a movie adaptation of one of my beloved favorites that disappoints on so many levels… Wait a second… Didn’t I do this already? … Continue reading

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And I thought Michael Bay's "Armageddon" was stupid

I’m notoriously bad at keeping up-to-date with things. For example, last month there was some kind of English hullabaloo that caught everybody in the world’s attention except mine.   Based on some of the pictures I saw, specifically the one … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday

I’ve been enjoying Series 6 of Doctor Who quite a bit.   I dig the Silence (and by “dig” I mean “am scared shitless by”).   I enjoyed the Black Spot episode.   I am amused that Rory has become … Continue reading

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