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So long, and thanks for all the fish

When I started komplexify, it was meant to be a diversion for me, something nominally creative to work on when I had free time.   Unfortunately, free time is hard to come by any more.   What with a new … Continue reading

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The Ladybug and I are at McDonald’s for lunch.   Her Happy Meal includes a toy “beauty head.” While it’s supposed to be a miniature version of those mannequin heads that students use at cosmetology school to practice hairstyle techniques … Continue reading

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You divided by zero again, didn't you?

For fun, go to Wikipedia, look up “Web page.” I’m not sure whether I’m more amused at the self-congratulatory nature of the primary focal image, or that this would have made a far better focal image for the page on … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday

Reader submission edition! Folks have been kind enough lately to forward Doctor Who gags my way, so I thought I’d return the favor and share them with you. Apparently, Doctor Who mash-ups are popular.   Last week we saw various … Continue reading

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