Komplexify, we hardly knew ye…

Look, all I said was I was taking a sabbatical.

Nevertheless, my blogging software heard the news, got all emo and despondent, and apparently committed suicide. Now all I get is the infamous WordPress “White Screen of Death,” which also applies to my admin panel.

I’m not exactly sure what happened or how to fix it, (although apparently the Universe is giving me strong hints that I ought not). I have MySQL database backed up, so presumably all my content still exists, but as I said, I’m not WordPress-savvy enough to know how to get it to appear again, and I simply don’t have the time or energy to spare right now to figure it out. (Your help, of course, is always appreciated!)

Hopefully I can get the old site back up and running, but if not… it’s been a great run, and thanks, everybody.

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