Home from daycare…

Ladybug: Ugh. That Aspen is so mean to me. She always calls me a baby. I’m five years old.

Me: Sorry, kiddo. Some people are just mean.

Ladybug: Well, I know why Aspen is mean.

Me: Why?

Ladybug: Because her name starts off with “ass.”

Watching television…

Ladybug: Dad, why don’t you like ballsy dragon guys?

Me: … I’m sorry, what?

Ladybug: Why don’t you like ballsy dragon guys?


Ladybug: You know, the cartoon?

Me: Ah. First off, it’s called Dragon Ball Z Kai

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  1. Tr*st*n says:

    Your daughter is way too freaking cute! I’ve missed hearing her thoughts on things.

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