Small world

Scene: I am driving the Ladybug and the Butterfly home after ballet class.

The Ladybug: …and then Rhiana asked if I could go over to her house for a play-date.

Me: I thought you didn’t get along with Rhiana.

LB: No, that’s Rhianna.  She goes to daycare.  Rhiana goes to dance class.

Me: I thought there was a Rhiana at daycare too.

LB: No, that’s Briana, but she’s my friend from school.

Me: Oh wait, I got it.  Isn’t there a Liliana at daycare?

LB: No, she stopped coming when she started first grade.  But there is a Lillian.

Me: Wait, what? Then who is your daycare friend that you played with last weekend?

LB: Christiana.

Me: Let me get this straight.  You have friends called Lillian, Liliana, Christiana, Briana, Rhiana, and Rhianna?

LB: Yeah…

Me: New rule!  Your next friend must be named Betty or Sue or Jane.

LB: Hey, it’s better than in the Butterfly’s class.  She has friends called Maia, Maya, Mya, and Mia.

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  1. Karen Braman says:

    I hear you… my son is friends with literally 7 other Ethans.

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