The Meta-Cooper Conundrum

Scene: The Queen B and I are watching The Big Bang Theory, to which I’ve become addicted.  (Thanks a lot, Tr*st*n.)

Sheldon (on TV):  What are you reading?

Girl (on TV): Curious George.

Sheldon: Oh, I do like monkeys!

Girl: Curious George is a monkey.

Sheldon: Somewhat anthropomorphized, but, yes.  Say, maybe sometime…

Me (watching TV):  Curious George is not a monkey.  He clearly lacks a tail and has an upright posture, indicating that he’s an ape.  Moreover, given his size, innate tool use, and tendency to hoot rather than scream, I’d suspect he’s a chimpanzee.

Queen B:  Nice.  You out-Sheldoned Sheldon.

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