X: …so if we want to get in on this grant, now is the time to do it.

Y: What exactly is the grant?

X: It’s federal money directed towards security and authentication research.  I figure given the expertise we’ve got pooled in the department in secured systems, cryptography and stegonography, I think we can make a good bid for some cyber-security research money.

Y: Is the grant a department- or program-specific submission?

X: No, it’s a university-level submission.  I think Materials Engineering is finishing up their proposal, so we’ll combine ours with theirs.

Y: What does security and authentication have to do with Materials Engineering?

X: Proprietary materials, mostly… manufacturing metals with unique chemical structures or markers to authenticate the design.  Like when the commercial says “Made with genuine GM parts,” how do you know they’re genuine GM parts?

Y: Because they fail after three years?

X: …. You’re off the grant-writing team.

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