Tuesday Whosday: Valentine's edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

While surfing the web, I discovered the following awesome, homemade Doctor Who valentine on the Doctor Who tumblr:

I thought that was an awesome idea… but one that could be improved upon.

Behold the TARDIS valentine I made for the Queen B:

When opened, it contains a paper version of me as the Doctor (bearing a sign that reads “Will you be my companion?”) and the Queen B as River Song (“Hello sweetie!”).

Appropriately, the card is bigger on the inside: the TARDIS control panel behind the doors can itself be opened to reveal a poem:

Fezzes are red,
The TARDIS is blue.
It’s unbelievably big,
Like my love for you.

In hindsight, I wish I would have made a paper Dalek to go with it. It could have said something like:

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