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This morning was cold and gloomy.  Students seemed tired and worn out… heck, I felt tired and worn out.  As we assembled into class for a lesson of infinite series, an unexpected beam of sunlight burst through the dingy gray … Continue reading

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Scene: The Ladybug is busy making a pair of lists in her room. Me: Whatcha doin’? She: I’m making a list of people who can come to my pretend hot cocoa party.  See, there’s you and Mommy and Christianna… Me: … Continue reading

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Algebraists are dirty, dirty people

I’ve already noted that abstract algebraists seem to have their minds in the gutter, but if you need more proof, just look at Problem 56 on page 82 of Serge Lang’s Algebra, one of the most influential graduate-level algebra texts … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday: Valentine's edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! While surfing the web, I discovered the following awesome, homemade Doctor Who valentine on the Doctor Who tumblr: I thought that was an awesome idea… but one that could be improved upon. Behold the TARDIS valentine … Continue reading

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Bubble gum and ponies, and rainbows and happy thoughts…

… are not going to be the topics of today’s conversation.  I got bogged down this weekend in a protracted and eventually caustic Facebook argument over same-sex marriage.  The only silver lining to the situation was the support I got … Continue reading

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