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A brief history of my Calc II grading, in handy meme form.

I give a test: Students take the test: I notice something while grading: I take action: I return test to student, who puts it on the internet: Score 1 internets for me!

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They're coming to get you, Barbara…

This weekend Bill Hinzman passed away.  Bill played the lumbering undead corpse who attacks Barbara at the beginning of 1968’s classic Night of the Living Dead. Said differently, Bill was the very first movie zombie. Ever. So here at komplexify, … Continue reading

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X: …so if we want to get in on this grant, now is the time to do it. Y: What exactly is the grant? X: It’s federal money directed towards security and authentication research.  I figure given the expertise we’ve … Continue reading

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The Ladybug and I often stop at Burger King after her ballet class to get soft-serve ice cream.  The other day we were munching our dessert opposite a booth of high-school girls who were complaining loudly and at length about … Continue reading

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The Meta-Cooper Conundrum

Scene: The Queen B and I are watching The Big Bang Theory, to which I’ve become addicted.  (Thanks a lot, Tr*st*n.) Sheldon (on TV):  What are you reading? Girl (on TV): Curious George. Sheldon: Oh, I do like monkeys! Girl: … Continue reading

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