Easter treats

The Butterfly is absolutely terrified of rabbits.  Well, not of rabbits per se, but rather of small furry quadrupeds in general.  When see sees squirrels or rabbits in our back yard, she cowers behind the curtains in an effort to avoid their gaze, and demands that one of her parents remove them immediately.  Or as she puts it, “Kill it!  Kill it!  Kill it!

As a result, Easter is not popular with the Butterfly.  When her big sister tried to get the Butterfly excited about it on Saturday night by noting that the Easter Bunny would be coming when they slept, the Butterfly quite literally ran screaming out of the room to her mother.  When it was eventually time to go to sleep, the Butterfly demanded that I shut her door tight, to prevent the Easter Bunny from sneaking in.

In related news, perhaps watching Donnie Darko with her last week wasn’t the best of ideas.

It’s the morning Easter egg hunt, and the Butterfly found a golden egg.  Unlike the other eggs, this one was heavy and clinked when it was shaken, so she immediately cracked it open to find it full of quarters.

“Awesome! I got money!,” she squealed, further adding: “And I didn’t even have to lose a tooth!”

Well, I suppose that’s better than “And I didn’t even have to sell a kidney!”

It seems like most Facebookers I know are trying to get struck by lightning today, since they keep posting things like “Happy Zombie Jesus Day!” for their status updates.

Knock if off people. Jesus is not a zombie.

He wants you to eat His flesh, not the other way around.

Apparently, somebody has thought through the previous statement a bit farther than I… or at least, thought about it whilst holding their D&D Monster Manual. In any event:


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  1. Dave H says:

    I may or may not have stolen the Jesus is Not a Zombie image for later D&D uses.

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