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You treat me like a wampa and it feels so cold

I’m in Michigan of all places, visiting with some of my wife’s family.  At dinner last night, a gaggle of us somehow got onto the topic of Star Wars, including whether or not new and improved 3D versions of them … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday

I just found out that TORCHWOOD is an anagram of DOCTOR WHO. My initial excitement over this finding was immediately tempered by the fact that I’m probably the only self-identifying Whovian who didn’t already know this. TARD, indeed. However, I … Continue reading

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I’m sorry I’ve been away, gang…  I’ve been working three jobs this summer, and they’ve kept me rather busy, whereby “busy,” I mean “3-hours-of-sleep-per-night mountains-of-paperwork logistical-nightmare-sorting payroll-computing assessment-tabulating podcast-creating (with a helping of Calc III on the side),” and by … Continue reading

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