I never metaparody I didn't like

So the other day I showed you the greatest Bastardized Star Wars parody since Weird Al’s The Saga Begins.*  You will almost certainly recognize that the song is a parody of Gotye’s ethereal Somebody That I Used To Know, where I’m using “ethereal” less in the modern sense of “spiritual” or “heavenly” and more in the classic physical sense of “everywhere pervasive and encroaching upon you so that you cannot escape from it even in a complete vacuum.”  However, unless you’ve been living under a pop-cultural rock for the past year, you will also recognize that the video itself is a parody of the Gotye video.

(Being decidely pretty pop-culturally illiterate, this was news to me.  Also, in my recent pop-culture investigations, I’ve learned that there are these rash-like things called Kardashians that apparently infest television and tabloids.  Sounds creepy.)

Interestingly enough, the first time I heard Somebody That I Used to Know, it was not the original Gotye version, but rather this clever cover version by the Canadian indie band Walk Off the Earth, in which the entire song is performed by the 5-person band using a single guitar and a complete disregard for personal space:

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, whence I present possibly the greatest parody of a cover of a song. Behold, the Key of Awesome:

Fractal parodies.  Benoit Mandelbrot would be proud.

* It is not, however, Weird Al’s greatest Star-Wars-themed parody song, which of course, is Yoda, itself a parody of the Kink’s Lola. If you are unfamiliar with it, or if you would simply like to get a different song stuck in your head all day, here it is in Legovision:

You’re welcome.

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