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Tuesday Whosday (if you asume some timey wimey stuff…)

Just a reminder that the new season of Doctor Who starts tomorrow night on BBC America!  To celebrate this, one of my students gave me this pin (which she suggests I wear as part of my ever unchanging, and hence … Continue reading

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Republican Platform 2012: a useful summary

So the Republican National Convention is over. Chris Christie yelled, Paul Ryan lied, Clint Eastwood debated an empty chair, and Mitt Romney tried to reproduce human emotions and blew out his CPU. Somewhere in the middle, God’s Own Party hammered … Continue reading

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Nerd memoriam

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Be not afeared… the island is finally done with the Olympics

Well, the London Olympics are over.  Now, I am a sports fan in the same way that a brick is aerodynamic — which is to say, not at all — but I nevertheless find myself drawn to watch the Olympics.  … Continue reading

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