In my day

So the first exam is happening in my Calculus 2 class, and so I typically post a number of things online the week prior in order to help students.

I post a study guide listing the Calculus 2 topics over which they’ll be tested…

…they complain about having to still know algebra and trig on the test.

I post copies of all my previous exams dating back to 2004…

…they complain there’s no answer keys for them.

I post a pre-fabricated cheat sheet for the exam…

…they complain there’s not enough on it.

I post a completely unhelpful and unnecessary Imminent Ned meme…

…they give me an ovation in class.

Kids these days.

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7 Responses to In my day

  1. Tr*st*n says:

    Just please don’t tell them that the answers are found “in their heart”!

  2. The Rookie DM says:

    They’re giving math students a bad name. This isn’t high school, you don’t learn something and then never touch it again. And the real world won’t give them answers when they have questions arise at their jobs.

  3. Dave H says:

    Heh, wait ’til they see the 2nd test!

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