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The third commandment

Weekday mornings are pretty busy in the Komplexify household, as the Ladybug, the Butterfly, and I scramble to get dressed, fed, and cleaned in time for school.  (The Queen B leaves blissfully (for her, at least) early for work, and … Continue reading

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Maybe Republicans use the B-theory of time?

After an official for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign announced that “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” it’s clear that they’re also not going to let it be dictated by temporal causality either.  To wit, Romney’s … Continue reading

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This is not a good way to end the third week of the semester

Outbox, Thursday morning, 6 AM: Calc II students: Remember that we will not be meeting for class today, Thursday 9/13, as I will be at a Faculty Senate meeting.  Instead, please watch the day’s lecture online, which can be viewed … Continue reading

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I remember…

…that eleven years ago today, the world lost more than a pair of skyscrapers.

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Democratic Platform 2012: a useful summary

So the Democratic National Convention is over. Bill Clinton got mathy, Joe Biden got folksy, and Barack Obama got hopeful (albeit, significantly less audaciously). Somewhere in the middle, the Democrats produced the first all-inclusive, Constitutionally secular platform in United States … Continue reading

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