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Tuesday Whosday

Back in the heyday of the Second Great Age of Video Game Consoles, the Era of Eight-bit, Mega Man was easily my favorite series of video games.  Not only were the games fun and challenging, but Keiji Inafune’s distinctive cartoony … Continue reading

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From the mouths of babes

Scene: Evening at the Komplexify home.  I’m reading my email while the Ladybug is writing in her journal. Labybug: Whatcha reading? Me: It’s an email from the chair of the faculty about when the new Presidential Search Committee will be … Continue reading

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Doctor Whosawhatnow?

At daycare, the kids were asked to draw their Halloween costumes, which they then described to the teachers. When she was asked by her teachers Mrs. Tara and Tanya, the Butterfly promptly colored a big blue blob, and announced she … Continue reading

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Presidential debate #3: a useful summary

Bob Scheiffer: Hello, and welcome to the third and final presidential debate, which, at the request of Fox News and the Republican National Party, will include absolutely no fact-checking until after Election Day.  Since tonight’s debate is further about foreign … Continue reading

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Presidential debate #2: a useful summary

Candy Crowley: Welcome to the second presidential debate between incumbent President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Tonight’s format will be a “town hall debate,” in which the candidates will be asked questions directly by members of the … Continue reading

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