Doctor Whosawhatnow?

At daycare, the kids were asked to draw their Halloween costumes, which they then described to the teachers. When she was asked by her teachers Mrs. Tara and Tanya, the Butterfly promptly colored a big blue blob, and announced she was going to be a TARDIS.

“A car dress?” asked a confused Mrs. Tara.

“No, a TAR… DIS,” said the Butterfly.

“A turtle?” asked a confused Mrs. Tanya.

“No, a TAR… DIS,” said the Butterfly.

“A tear drop?” Mrs.Tara tried again.

“No, my mom is making a TARDIS dress.  Its blue.”

“Oh, a Chinese dress,” said Mrs. Tanya.  “Are you going as a China doll?”

“No, a TARDIS dress,” said an irritated Butterfly.  “It’s blue.  It has windows.”

“Your dress has windows?”

“Yes,” said the Butterfly.  “It’s a TARDIS.”

The two teachers remained confused.

The Butterfly tried to help them by making the TARDIS engine noise.  “A TARDIS.  It goes SHOO SHOO shoo shoo shoo…  Like that.”

“Choo choo choo…  Is it a train dress?”

The Ladybug, who had overheard the whole thing, finally lost her patience.  Realizing that the daycare teachers had no idea about Doctor Who, she decided to terminate the fruitless conversation.

“She’s going as a time machine.”

“Oh,” said Mrs. Tara.  “That’s… interesting.”

“What about you, Ladybug?” asked Mrs. Tanya.  “What are you going as?”

“Amelia Pond!” shouted the Butterfly.

“Who?” asked the two teachers.

The Ladybug thought about it for a moment, and then simply announced, “A policewoman” and left it at that.

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