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Back in the heyday of the Second Great Age of Video Game Consoles, the Era of Eight-bit, Mega Man was easily my favorite series of video games.  Not only were the games fun and challenging, but Keiji Inafune’s distinctive cartoony graphics made them charming as well:

As a result, I was generally amused to find Christopher Bringhurst‘s awesome mash-up of popular characters from all branches of nerddom (movies, cartoons, and video games) re-envisioned in the iconic Mega Man style:

(In addition to the above work, Megamalagmation, there’s also 201 Mega Men, which transforms two-hundred other video game characters into the Inafune style.)

To my chagrin, however, I could find no Doctor Who characters in Megamalgamation, a problem I decided to fix.  I busted out my graph paper and began rendering an Eleventh Doctor in Mega Man style before I realized I needed to find some kind of “8-bit art” program to render them onscreen.  With a little help from Google, I found such a program… but also found that folks had beaten me to the Gallifreyan punch.

For example, Fayyaad Hendricks has produced Megaman Who, which Inafunates all eleven incarnations of the Doctor:

TheRandomFactor has this clever revamping of the Mega Man boss-select screen, with all eleven Doctors arranged around the TARDIS, called the Circle of Lives:

He’s also produced this epic Mega Man meets Gauntlet 8-bit battle:

More generally, I found a treasure trove of “retro video-game” themed Doctor Who.  For example, here’s Rippletron‘s Choose your Doctor

or iheart8bit‘s (cross-stitched!) Doctor montage.

Some folks go even beyond that, making video-game inspired video-art. For example, Ferret’s Rage has created a splash screen for a (sadly nonexistent) 8-bit Doctor Who game:

Doctor Octoroc, whose 8-bit Dr. Horrible is the stuff of legend, also created a splash screen for 16-bit version of a similarly nonexistent Doctor Who game involving the Tenth Doctor:

The good Docotr (Octorok, that is) has also put together an intro for a 16-bit Eleventh Doctor game:

but at least this time we can watch it be played!

Going in the other direction, KaiClavier has put together an intro for a decidedly anique, pre-console Doctor Who computer game:

And if that wasn’t retro enough for you, MrSolidSake745 gives us the Doctor Who theme played not as if it were coming out of a 1980’s floppy-disk drive game, but out of the actual 1980’s floppy-disk drives themselves:

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