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Vice Presidential debate: a useful summary

Short version: Longer version: Martha Raddatz: Welcome to the Vice Presidential debate.  I’m your host, Martha Raddatz, and I’ve spent most of my life reporting the news from war-ravaged hellholes like Iraq and Afghanistan, and I’ll damned if I’m gonna … Continue reading

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Exclusive or

Scene: A department curriculum committee meeting.  The committee is currently voting on which sections of the new calculus textbook will be required of all faculty, and which will be left as optional. Chair: I think that finishes up Calc 2.  … Continue reading

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Presidential debate #1: A useful summary

Jim Leher: Hello, and welcome to the first Presidential Debate, where every fact is made up and the time limits don’t matter. I’m your host, Jim Leher, and I won’t be able to get another word in edgewise for the … Continue reading

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