In the morning.

Me: I got up this morning at 2:05, then again at 6:09, and then again at 8:08.

Queen B: So what?

Me: On my digital clock, 2:05 demonstrates reflectional symmetry, while 6:09 demonstrates rotational symmetry, and 8:08 demonstrates both reflectional and rotational symmetries.   What does it mean?

Queen B: Only that you’re a math geek, dear.

At lunch.

Me: Mm-mmmm.   That’s sandwich looks good.   I can’t wait to eat it.

Butterfly: No, it’s not yours.

Me: It’s not?   Who does it belong to, then?

Butterfly: Me.

Me: “Me?”

Butterfly: No, me.

Me: “Nomie?”

Butterfly: No… me.

Me: Nomie?   Who is this Nomie person?

Butterfly: Gnomeo and Juliet.   Duh.

(She stole the sandwich while I was laughing.)

In the evening.

Ladybug: What’s this?

Me: It’s Elvis Presley’s 1973 concert in Hawaii.

Ladybug: Elvis?   Isn’t he, like, a rock star from
the olden days?

Me: He is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Ladybug: Oh.   So why is he dressed like a cowboy?

Me: [ Snorts unexpectedly ]

Ladybug: Now what’s he doing?

Me: Dancing.   Elvis was famous for crazy jerky hip dancing.

Ladybug: Oh.   I thought he might be possessed.

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