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Hanging chad

As noted by commenter Robert Cooper, I completely ignored the commonalities between The Lego Movie and The Matrix.  But upon reflection, they both involve A hero who is a “Chosen One” …whose powers are prophesized by a black mystic… …and … Continue reading

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Act 1 The Ladybug’s birthday is right around the corner — she’s seven, going on eighteen — and she’s been beside herself with excitement over the (purely imaginary) details of her party and her cake and her gifts and whatnot. … Continue reading

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1. And it came to pass that I sat with my two daughters, the Butterfly and the Ladybug, to watch The Princess and the Frog. 2. Lo, when the film had completed, the Butterfly pondered: “Why didn’t Tiana’s friend be … Continue reading

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Reflections on several consecutive days of subfreezing temperatures

It’s been a week of subfreezing temperatures here in the Dakotas, and so the ground has upon it a thin layer of ice that has yet to melt. With that in mind, for the idea of putting heating elements within … Continue reading

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