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Pastry-themed puns are so mainstream

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So my colleague K stops by my office today and asks if I’m busy. “No.  What’s up?” “I’ve got a thermodynamics problem and I’m looking for a way to solve it,” says K, who is a chemical engineer by trade.  … Continue reading

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More wisdom from the Bugs

After a chicken dinner, the Queen B cleaned off the bird’s wishbone and invited the girls to play. This was new to the Butterfly, who asked how to play. “Each person makes a wish,” said the Queen B, “takes a … Continue reading

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Every morning I get up, eat breakfast, and watch the Weather Channel to see what manifestation of meteorological madness will menace Rapid City for the day.  My reactions to “Morning Rush” — the early morning show that’s on at 6 … Continue reading

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Dino-bug wisdom

The Ladybug and I recently went to the library, where she spied a dinosaur encyclopedia. “Dad, what’s an en… see… clo… ped… ee.. uh?” “Encyclopedia,” I offered.  “It’s a kind of book that had information on a variety of topics.  … Continue reading

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