Every morning I get up, eat breakfast, and watch the Weather Channel to see what manifestation of meteorological madness will menace Rapid City for the day.  My reactions to “Morning Rush” — the early morning show that’s on at 6 AM — varies the range of non-copyright-infringing memes.

For example, when informed that the single greatest temperature inversion in American history occurred here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and more specifically in Spearfish on January 22, 1943, where the temperature changed from -4oF to +45oF in less than two minutes

On the other hand, when informed that most avalanches in the United States occur between the months of November and March…

Occasionally, there’s the unlikely and entirely misleading graphic like

to which the appropriate response can only be…

However, during this past winter, the graphic is more commonly

to which the only response can be….

On a related note, a conversation with the Butterfly as she and I were headed home during the onset of one of 2014’s frequent winter snow storms.

Me: Wow, look at all the blowing snow.

She: Will we run out of electricity like last time?

Me: No, it’s not going to be a blizzard this time.

She: Daddy, what’s a blizzard?

Me: A blizzard is a storm in which blowing snow reduces visibility to less than a quarter mile for at least 3 hours, coupled with sustained wind speeds of at least 35 miles per hour.

She: Holy cow, you watch a lot of Weather Channel.

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