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He-she-it? Sheeit.

I’m going to look at a critical problem in English. No, not the inconsistent rules for spelling words… No, not the inconsistent rules for pronouncing words… No, not he inconsistent rules for sentence structures… No, not its failure to adopt … Continue reading

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The fable of the Hilbert Hotel, part 2

Catch up on the story so far… Old Man Kronecker was more determined than ever to run the Hilbert Hotel out of business, but his previous plan of adding one more room to the hotel and thereby producing a bigger … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

Well, another school year is over, and its time for some academic spring cleaning.  This usually means taking out homeworks and exams that are a year old and shredding them… including the virtual kind.  Here are some of the homework … Continue reading

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Every story has a beginning, middle, and end… just not necessarily in that order

One of my gripes with posters that are supposed to be “mathy” is not that they fall into the same common cliche of a slightly frazzled-looking nerd chugging his or her way through a sea of equations at a blackboard… … Continue reading

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