Spring cleaning

Well, another school year is over, and its time for some academic spring cleaning.  This usually means taking out homeworks and exams that are a year old and shredding them… including the virtual kind.  Here are some of the homework doodles I got during the 2012-2013 academic year.

I’m not exactly sure what this pencil is doing, but it certainly looks like it’s try to… eliminate.

Yeah, that’s a bad pun.  So is this:

and this.

New variants on the L’Hospital Stick are always common.  Behold the L’Hospital Mace

and L’Hospital Death Star.

Some students tried to convince me of the correctness of their answers, either through subliminal bribery

or threats.

Some people just don’t know what to write, so they draw… stuff.  Like kitties

or alligators

or pirate ships

or even typography.

Pandas were common too, from the cute

to the vaguely threatening.

Others just feel the need to draw even if they know what to do.  Usually about space, such as


although dinosaurs were popular too.

One guy went so far as to draw a flag-toting penguin on every assignment:

But the winner has to be this submission for a Maple lab assignment involving the arclength of a complicated space curve:

Now if I could only get these guys to spend half as much time practicing their math on their assignments as they do drawing on them…

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