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About a year ago, several folks forwarded me Facebook links to stories about David Laferriere — a graphic designer who draws pictures for his kids every morning on the plastic sandwich bags in their lunch, collected for posterity on his Sandwich Art flickr page — together with a follow-up along the lines of:

  1. You’re a dad, like David Laferriere.
  2. You draw, like David Laferriere.
  3. You make school lunches for your kid, like David Laferriere.
  4. Therefore, you must make sandwich bag art like David Laferriere.

Now, while I appreciate the apparent iron-clad rigidity of the logic involved here, I politely told them that sandwich bag art was David Laferriere’s thing, and me doing sandwich bag art for my kid would be a cheap knock-off of a clearly superior and more original product.

So I started making napkin pictures for the Ladybug’s lunch instead.

Apples and oranges, people.

I didn’t do it everyday (since the Ladybug eats a “hot lunch” at school once a week) and I never bothered to take pictures of them, but it turns out the Ladybug had been keeping some of her favorites stashed in a box in her room.  Here are some of the ones she kept:

Unfortunately, near the start of January 2014, I simply ran out of ideas for quick pictures in the morning… so I handed the napkin over to the Ladybug, and told her to draw a squiggle on it — a random curve or two — in the hopes it would inspire something.

For example, the first squiggle I got — a swooping “C” shape — became an awkward meeting between Mr. Peanut and a fan:

My second squiggle was a crazy zig-zag curve, which became the Doctor hanging out with a Dalek:

so, without further ado, here is my collection of squiggle napkins from the first half of 2014. What do you see in them, and then you can click on them to see what I eventually did with it.

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