After what seemed like an eternity, winter is finally over, and summertime heat waves are upon us:

Sorry about that, Box Elder.

Apparently, the heat is getting to the folks at the Weather Channel, too. They’ve apparently forgotten how bar graphs work:

(On a related note, WTF TWC?)

The Butterfly is rather fascinated by the cemetery near our house. (More precisely, she’s fascinated by the fact that the cemetery is full of dead people.) As we were driving home the other day, road construction detoured us by the cemetery, and so, having nothing pressing to attend to, the Butterfly and I decided to visit it.

We walked up and down the rows of headstones, and she asked all manner of questions:

  • Why do some headstones have flowers and others have toys?
  • Is there a dead guy under each headstone?
  • Why are there so many Weeping Angels hanging out there?

…and so on.

As we were wondering through the graveyard, the usual bank of summer afternoon storm clouds rolled in from the west. Suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning, followed by a deafening crack of thunder than made both of us jump.

“We should probably go,” I said. “We don’t want to be out here in the open, because we might get struck by lightning.”

“Alright,” said the Butterfly. “Although, if we do get killed by lightning, at least we’re already in the cemetery.”

You can tell a lot about a driver by the vehicle they drive:

The administration building on the Komplexify U campus is an impressive, pillared edifice whose top floor houses a free public museum of geology that includes both bones of dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, and icthyosaurs (which I recently found out are not all the same thing).  Fittingly, therefore, the walls and floors of the administration building are made of polished stone, and (future) geologists and paleontologists (like the Ladybug) can admire the colors and shapes of minerals immersed in the stone.

Me, on the other hand….  all I ever see is this:

Don’t… blink….  Don’t… blink….

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