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Snow daze

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Everything you need to know about my two daughters, expressed in a single night

My children are very, very different. “It’s time for bed,” I say to the 5-year-old Butterfly. “I’m not tired,” she says. “But you will be in the morning when you need to get up,” I reply, “so now it’s time … Continue reading

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Say my name

I was going through some student records to track “longitudinal progress” across the calculus sequence at Komplexify U when I cam across the following entry in an industrial engineering (the branch of engineering concerned with optimizing complex processes) student’s record: … Continue reading

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On what poor, pitiful, defenseless planet has my monstrosity been unleashed?

I just found out that actress Daveigh Chase stars as both the Hawaiian troublemaker Lilo in Lilo and Stitch and the haunted TV terror Samara in The Ring.  All I know now is that the latter makes watching the former … Continue reading

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The Bug Whisperer

Some conversions with my (not so) little bugs: Scene: The 5-year-old Butterfly is putting on her new snow jacket, readying herself to go to the bus stop for school. Butterfly: Dad? Guess what? Me: What? Butterfly: My friend Tilly has … Continue reading

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